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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ICICI Bank ATM bug … Try it!.............

Friends, apologies as I am updating the blog after a very long gap of almost 2+ months. Anyways, just thought of sharing some interesting observation I found today. (Apologies again as being a tester I would have found this earlier but no body tries to play with their own money so neither did I : ) )
Recently I went onto an ICICI bank ATM for doing some transaction. I noticed one interesting bug over there. I want all of you to try that only once because if you try it for 3 times consecutively your card will be blocked and I am not responsible for that. Anyways, here is what I noticed –
PREREQUISITE - You must have changed your ATM PIN once.
1. Insert the card
2. Enter the old PIN , the one provided by the bank initially
Notice that you will be presented the transaction selection screen

3. Select any transaction, say balance enquiry / any other from the available options
Notice that now you will be prompted that you have entered wrong PIN and the machine will ask for the correct one.
4. Enter the correct PIN and then you will proceed towards the completion of your transaction

Comments awaited on this obsercation as to whether this is a bug OR not . In my opinion , its a high priority Low sivierity BUG