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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Google Buzzes - minor bug

Recently, I was posting a link on Google Buzz and I noticed one interesting thing that “Add Link” button gets activated with any key event. Normally the buttons of such nature gets activated when user enters any character / text / number in the respective text box but this button in Google Buzz is somewhat different OR I should say a bit deviated from the generally expected / implemented functionality. Here are the steps to reproduce this observation –

Browser – Mozilla Firefox
- Navigate to Google Buzz
- Click on the text area
- Click on LINK hyper link to insert a link / web URL
- Click inside the text box and then press WINDOWS / CTRL + c / CTRL + v / Any other CTRL key combination / Any ALT key combination like ALT + f

Actual Result – The ADD LINK Button gets activated

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sign Out.. OK... But when did you asked me to Sign In

Bug on Airport Authority of India website

This is first post for July month also I am posting after a gap of almost 15 days. With this post I am sharing some of my finding (BUGS) while surfing the internet.

Recently, I was browsing the website of AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA and observed two interesting bugs both functionality / usability wise

Bug # 1 – SIGN OUT function (link) available while searching for airports (User is not logged in)

Steps –

- Launch the site

- On the left pane menu , click on passenger > airports > all airports

- On the map available, click on any airport for which flight schedules are not uploaded eg. RAIPUR

- Click on ‘Flight Schedules’ link – This step will take user to search flight page (URL -

Actual result – Notice the ‘Sign Out’ option available. User has not signed in / not asked to sign in yet. Clicking on this ‘SIGN OUT’ link navigates the user back to the home page. See the screen shot below